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Information Station


The overall outlook of the long term effects of bullying upon society is grim:

** 60% of middle school students say that they have been bullied, while

** 16% of staff believes that students are bullied.

** 160,000 students stay home from school every day due to bullying. (NEA)

** 30% of students who reported they had been bullied said they had at times brought weapons to school.

** A bully is 6 times more likely to be incarcerated by the age of 24.

** A bully is 5 times more likely to have a serious criminal record when he grows up.

** 2/3 of students who are targets become bullies. 20% of all children say they have been bullied.

** 20% of high school students say they have seriously considered suicide within the last 12 months.

** 25% of students say that teachers intervened in bullying incidents while 71% of teachers say they intervened.

** The average child has watched 8,000 televised murders and 100,000 acts of violence before finishing elementary school.

** In schools where there are anti-bullying programs, bullying is reduced by 50%.

** Bullying was a factor in 2/3 of the 37 school shootings reviewed by the US Secret Service.

** According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety Health (NIOSH) (Sauter, et al., 1990), there is a loss of employment amounting to $19 billion and a drop in productivity of $3 billion due to workplace bullying. Law enforcement costs related to bullying are enormous. Since 1999, the Office on Violence against Women (OVW) has spent $98 million in assistance to address campus sexual violence.

*An average of 4,400 children between the ages of 7-14 commit suicide per year and half of that n*umber have been related to bullying.