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Education & WorkShops

Education & WorkShops

Education & Workshops

The overall outlook is to unleash the GIANT within!

The anti-bullying movement has become the most popular social movement in the world! Bullying awareness efforts have made bullying the number one fear of parents. Anti-bullying laws have made schools responsible for eliminating bullying however, the full societal shift is still lingering. As a result, more kids than ever are needing help because they are being bullied. Adults, too, have become aware of bullying and are seeking help. Children as early as 7 years old are taking their lives as a result of bullying. Why are we still in this up-hill battle?

This unique App and its supportive workshops will give students, parents, admin, healing professionals, and teachers the empowerment and enlightenment necessary to combat bullying. It will grow individuals, in self-confidence and –esteem, popularity, empathy, resilience, emotional maturity and academic/work functioning.

Through on-line and in-person workshops, role-plays, written material and assignments for practice, you will come to see bullying in a new way and discover how easy it is to assist our youth. Your own personal relationships are likely to improve as well! You will also understand the problems with the orthodox approach to bullying, which is based with making bullies change, and why it is ineffective.

The Bullying Buddy App is not only a technical device that saves lives in the moment, but also a device that offers many empowerment tools that have lasting positive effects for a lifetime!

We are currently bookings for Bullying Buddy Anti-bullying workshops:

Our workshops are in-person and on-line. We are Covid-19 safe company!

  • What is a bully workshop?- Are you raising a bully workshop?
  • Updating your schools’ anti-bullying policy workshop
  • Anti-bullying teacher workshop
  • Anti-bullying week and other themed workshops
  • Ability, disability, and working with bullying and diversity workshop
  • Cyberbullying and E-Safety workshop
  • Friendship and bullying workshop

Empowerment Workshops:

  • Put the P behind your power workshop
  • My feelings and me workshop
  • Beautifully diverse population workshop
  • Empathy climate for home and school workshop
  • Social-emotional empowerment
  • Poppin Parents workshop
  • Ultimate success life skills workshop
  • Communication Commanders workshop
  • Speak up and speak out workshop

Our creative anti-bullying and empowerment workshops:

These workshops last up to 90 minutes in length in-person. Our on-line workshops are condensed into 60 minutes. The concept of bullying is explored on many levels from power to empowerment, what the word bullying means, strategies for recognizing, dealing with and redirecting bullying, building confidence, and assertiveness skills. These workshops are fun, energized and powerful. We utilize a fusion of styles including role-play, games, improvisation and discussion.

Small group size is up to 30 students. Large groups are between 30 and 150 students. Workshops are in your school or on-line.

App Training

In-Person & Virtual Training
App training is available in-peron and virtually to onboard administration. Learn how to use the app efficiently with our intuitive user interface.

By the end of the process, your staff will be well-trained, empowered and armed with the knowledge, confidence, and resouces for addressing bullying and mental health.

In addition to the training and consulting sessions, Bullying Buddy’s suppot team is available via 24/7 email support.

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